Forté Cooling System Conditioner

Price: N2500

Forté Cooling System Conditioner will provide the following benefits:

* Prevents electrolytic corrosion
* Prevents cavitation erosion
* Lubricates water pump
* Prevents overheating
* Prevents scale formation

Aluminium, having replaced cast iron in the manufacture of engine blocks and cylinder heads is more susceptible to corrosion. Forté Cooling System Conditioner maintaining a neutral PH level prevents corrosion, along with cavitation erosion through the removal of undissolved oxygen. This also improves the heat transfer properties of the coolant to prevent overheating.
Cooling System Conditioner is compatible with all ethylene glycol based and OAT anti-freezes.

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Forte Cooling System Bio-Degreaser

Price: N1700

Forte Cooling System Bio-Degreaser effectively removes oil and grease deposits from the internal surfaces of automotive cooling systems thereby reducing heat related problems and engine failure.

benefits of using Forte Bio-Degreaser are:

  • Remove emulsified oil from cooling systems following cylinder head gasket failure and oil cooler
  • Remove residue left from combustion gases permeating through cylinder head.
  • Remove blockages from radiator to restore cooling efficiency.
  • Remove blockages from heater matrix to restore heating efficiency.
  • Drastically cut costly component replacement costs and reduce downtime.
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Forte Auto Transmission Treatment

Price: N1200 1200

Automatic Transmission Treatment is the recommended treatment for hydraulic system.

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment will provide the following benefits:

  • Smoother gear change
  • Reduces oxidation (varnish and tar formation)
  • Prevents fluid leaks (seal conditioner)
  • Compatible with Continuously Variable Transmissions
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